History and Mission

Intro to Ricochet

Ricochet Review is an annual poetry magazine that strives to publish both established and emerging writers who work in poetry and/or poetry translations from various languages and various forms of art. Ricochet Review accepts any willing poetic soul across the universe, dedicated to dropping the elegiac bomb, in the hopes that everything within its radius will be struck by its written brilliance. The Ricochet Review editorial board is comprised of student poets and guided by faculty and editorial editors at Von Steuben Metropolitan Science Center.

Why “Ricochet”?

Ricochet Review received its name during the first editorial board meeting where the editors discussed the vision of the magazine. In batting around possible names, one of our editors, Marti Rosen, suggested Ricochet. It stuck immediately. The name encapsulates the concept of the magazine: ideas about the art and craft of well-written poetry ricochet between more and less experienced poets, together mapping and building what poetry can be.

DNA Info Chicago Write-up

 Article in the Tribune about our own Maria DeLeon!