Scott Trinter

Faculty Advisor

Scott Trinter has taught English at Von Steuben since 2007. He is new to the Ricochet Review team, but he’s been a fan since its start. This year Mr. Trinter looks forward to studying verse forms with the student leaders of the journal.

Gabriel Aco

Managing Editor

Gabriel Aco is an overly energetic person who can’t seem to stay still for more than 10 seconds. People claim he has the “energy of a 3 year old on a sugar high, but maintains the maturity of a law firm.”  As a loud and talkative individual, he assumed the role of PR manager of Ricochet. He enjoys being busy and helping around wherever it need be. Apart from Ricochet, he maintains a lifestyle based around running and creating, whether it be in the form of art, photography, or writing. He has found that working under stress has been a key motivation for staying mentally sane.

Marcus Mrdak

Managing Editor

Marcus Mrdak is a senior at Von Steuben high school. He is a natural born leader who expresses his unconventional ideas every chance he can get. Marcus is always there to pop jokes, critique a horrible poem, and to blab about how clothes don’t match. He’s irreplaceable and a key part of Ricochet Review.

Ivery Marquez

Lead Poetry Editor

Ricochet Review provided her a home the moment she realized it was more than just a poetry magazine. Ivery is a junior at Von Steuben who loves being involved. She’s a spirited and natural born leader and an 80s girl who loves any form of art and meeting new faces.

Mairi Glynn


Mairi Glynn is one of the winners of the 31st Young Playwrights Festival. She is currently in love with every scarf she sees, Ken Burns and Lynn Novick’s Vietnam documentary, and Wicked. She loves poetry, fiction (historical, sci-fi, or fantasy), musicals (Hamilton is the new favorite), and art (even though she can’t draw). When she’s not studying, doing homework, or nagging someone she’s reading anything she can get her hands on or memorizing songs.

Eleanor Hereña

Web/Graphic Design

Ellie is a junior at Von Steuben and is the head of web and graphic design at Ricochet Review. She takes care of the cover, format, and this website! She loves to draw and paint, and is hoping to become an animator in the future.

Stephanie Orellana

Web and Graphic Design Intern

Stephanie Orellana is a sophomore at Von Steuben. She joined Ricochet for an escape and to rekindle her passion for writing. She hopes that anyone that joins this haven will have the opportunity to express themselves freely, and be inspired to create. She also has a tendency to mindlessly draw on whatever she can, and has an unhealthy obsession with animated films, and musicals.

Jacqui Santoyo

Public Relations

A junior at Von Steuben and a procrastinator with a perfectionist streak.

Jenny Banh


Jenny is a junior at Von Steuben who loves to journal and play the ukulele on her free time.


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