Scott Trinter

Faculty Advisor

Scott Trinter has taught English at Von Steuben since 2007. He is new to the Ricochet Review team, but he’s been a fan since its start. This year Mr. Trinter looks forward to studying verse forms with the student leaders of the journal.

Stephanie Orellana

Lead Managing Editor

Stephanie Orellana is a senior at Von Steuben. She joined Ricochet for an escape and to rekindle her passion for writing. She hopes that anyone that joins this haven will have the opportunity to express themselves freely, and be inspired to create. She also has a tendency to mindlessly draw on whatever she can, and has an unhealthy obsession with animated films, and musicals.

Elizabeth Pennington

Head Of Graphic Design

Elizabeth Pennington is an editor and part of the graphic design team of Ricochet Review. She has loved drawing and writing her whole life. Her involvement with Ricochet has helped her expand her knowledge, love of writing and the arts.

Anastasia Pasynkov

Poetry Editor

Anastasia Pasynkov is a rising junior at Von Steuben High School. This upcoming year will be her third year editing for Ricochet Review. Although she has not won any awards, her love for writing poetry never falters and she continues to write for the magazine.

Matthew “Milo” McCawley

PR Coordinator

Matthew “Milo” McCawley is the PR coordinator of Ricochet Review. He loves math and is interested in writing. He is currently a senior at  Von Steuben High School.

Camila Rueda


Camila Rueda is a Von Steuben High School student who joined ricochet in her sophomore year. She joined this club in hopes to find different voices and ideas and be able to learn from them. She is also part of Student Council to also be able to express those voices as well. Camila is also a big fan of 80s disco music like The Bee Gees and Diana Ross.


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