Intro to Ricochet

Ricochet Review is an annual poetry magazine that strives to publish both established and emerging writers who work in poetry and/or poetry translations from various languages and various forms of art. Ricochet Review accepts any willing poetic soul across the universe, dedicated to dropping the elegiac bomb, in the hopes that everything within its radius will be struck by its written brilliance. The Ricochet Review editorial board is comprised of student poets and guided by faculty and editorial editors at Von Steuben Metropolitan Science Center.

Ricochet Review’s Apprentice Poet and Master Poet Mentorship Exchange

One reason Ricochet Review is set apart from other literary magazines is the opportunity for high school poets to hone their craft through a guided, workshop-style collaboration between experienced, published, and talented master poets, who understand the art of poetry and how to convey it. Side by side, apprentice and master, Padawan and Jedi, pupil and teacher will learn from each other and create brilliant written tapestries published in each issue of Ricochet Review. High school students who wish to be mentored should highlight their interest in their cover letter when submitting their poems. The editorial board will then contact chosen participants.



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