Why “Ricochet’? Ricochet Review received its name during the first editorial board meeting where the editors discussed the vision of the magazine. In batting around possible names, one of our editors, Marti Rosen, suggested Ricochet. It was genius. The name encapsulates the concept of the magazine. Ideas about the art and craft of well-written poetry ricochet between more and less experienced poets, together mapping and building what poetry can be. Ricochet Review is the fruit of that collaboration.

Ricochet Review‘s premiere issue, published in Spring 2013, showcases poetry and essays on poetry crafted through the collaboration between apprentice poets and master poets. This mentorship program between high school poets and established, professional poets, such as Virginia Bell, Kenyatta Rogers, Jacob Saenz, Terry Lucas, Susan Yount, Ryan Collins and high school students is what sets Ricochet Review apart from other high school run poetry magazines.

After receiving great initial success, RR decided in 2015 to open its doors to a broader audience. Ricochet Review continues to distinguish itself as a unique magazine that publishes translations with each issue and offering a mentorship exchange for high school poets.

DNA Info Chicago Write-up

RHINO Write- up

 Article in the Tribune about our own Maria DeLeon!


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